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As proud and longtime members of the Minnesota Association for Justice, we stand with our colleagues and wholeheartedly support its statement on the tragic and senseless killing of George Floyd.

The Minnesota Association for Justice (MAJ) has been committed to protecting the rights of the injured and accused in Minnesota for our entire 66-year history. It is our mission to protect the Constitution’s promise of justice for all. Racism is a direct attack on that promise.
We join our community in mourning the tragic death of George Floyd. His public and needless murder by law enforcement reflects the enduring racism in our community. As a civil justice organization, we cannot remain silent. We recognize that systemic racism has cost far too many lives of people of color through police brutality and disproportionate incarceration rates as well as economic, educational, and health disparities. We stand with our community members who confront discrimination and police brutality to speak with one voice for justice.

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