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    Inattentive driver’s left turn injures bicyclist, results in large settlement.

    Bicyclist accident – Client was riding his bicycle northbound on Central avenue in Minneapolis when he was struck by a car that made a left turn off Central and struck client broadside. Client suffered a severe shoulder injury that required surgery and interfered with this career as a mechanic. Represented by Ben Lavoie for both personal injury and underinsured motorist claims. Result – $268,000 settlement.

    Minor on bike hit by truck, settlement proceeds invested for child’s future.

    Minor bicyclist accident – Client, a 14 year-old girl, was struck on her bicycle in a crosswalk by an inattentive motorist making a right turn. Client suffered a broken leg that required surgery and the permanent placement of a titanium rod in her upper leg. Represented by Ben Lavoie. Settled for $125,000 with the proceeds placed in a high interest annuity for minor client.

    Bicyclist hit by car, sent to collections for car damage, gets the final say on fault.

    Bicyclist accident – Client was riding his bicycle home on a summer day down the Greenway Path when he was hit by a car while crossing a divided four-lane roadway. He suffered serious injuries and scars from the incident. The police report placed blame for the incident on our client despite the fact he was waved across the roadway by stopped traffic. His initial lawyer declined pursuing the case, and he gave up until he was sent to collections by the insurer of the vehicle that hit him in an attempt to recover the cost of the damage to the vehicle. Angry, our client contacted Ben Lavoie, who took the case, re-investigated the accident and demonstrated to the insurer the accident was the fault of the car’s driver. Represented by Ben Lavoie. Result – $100,000 settlement.

    Bicyclist recovers after initially being blamed for accident.

    Bicyclist accident – University of Minnesota helmet wearing graduate student, while riding his bicycle to class, was struck by a SUV at a busy Dinkytown intersection. Client originally blamed for the accident and suffered soft tissue injuries and bruising. Represented by Walter Kaminsky. Result – $21,000 settlement.

    Salmonella poisoning at restaurant leads to large settlement.

    Food Poisoning – Bad egg breakfast served at a Central Minnesota diner caused a middle age female to experience serious salmonella related symptoms and to miss several weeks of work as a food handler. Represented by Walter Kaminsky. Result – $74,000 Settlement.

    Foster Care Abuse – Foster parent excessively punishes 11 year old boy resulting in fractured arm.

    Grim represented an 11 year old boy whose parents voluntarily placed him in a therapeutic foster care program to assist him with treatment for emotional and behavioral issues. During an argument with his foster parent, the foster parent became enraged and dragged the young boy through the house, picked him up and threw him in a shallow creek behind the house. When the boy landed, his arm struck rocks in the creek bed and was broken. He required surgery to fix the arm and additional counseling to address the emotional trauma inflicted by the foster parent. Represented by Grim Howland. Result – $62,500 settlement.

    Paint ball prank injures client’s eye.

    Paintball injury – Client was deliberately shot with paintballs by friends during the retreat from an interrupted prank in Mille Lacs County. One shot hit him in his unprotected eye causing a traumatic cataract and a permanently dilated pupil. Represented by Jim Lavoie. Result – $150,000 settlement.

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