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    Father of two killed in rollover accident.

    Sleeping passenger killed when friend lost control and rolled car in freeway median in Washington County. Decedent was the employed father of two and separated from his wife. Represented by Jim Lavoie. Result – $1,200,000 settlement.

    Commercial truck blows through stop sign kills father of three.

    Young man with three children on way to work on a rural Mille Lacs County road hit by commercial vehicle that failed to stop at stop sign. Represented by Jim Lavoie. Result – $800,000 settlement.

    Trial proves young victim not at fault in accident that caused his death.

    Client’s son, a 19 year old driver, was killed when his pickup collided with a pickup driven by a Department of Transportation employee on his way to work on a rural Morrison County road. Collision occurred in the DOT driver’s lane and was attributed to 19 year old. Through investigation that included purchasing the wrecked pickups and accident reconstruction we proved that the DOT driver wandered over the centerline while pouring coffee and that the 19 year old’s maneuver was an evasive one that exactly coincided with the DOT driver’s corrective lane change. Represented by Jim Lavoie. Result – 100% fault on DOT driver and recovery of all available policy limits.

    Illegal sale of alcohol leads to drunk driving death.

    Two local bars illegally sell alcohol to an already intoxicated person, whose drunk driving results in the death of his passenger. Represented by Grim Howland. Result – $300,000 settlement.

    Motorcyclist killed by commercial vehicle.

    Young husband with two stepchildren on his way to work on his motorcycle crossing Highway 169 in Mille Lacs County is hit by a commercial vehicle. Represented by Walter Kaminsky. Result – $1,200,000 settlement.

    Defendant’s excuse in mail carrier’s death disproved, family recovers $1.3 million.

    Our client’s husband, a rural mail carrier, was killed while placing mail in a rural mailbox when his vehicle was rear-ended by a day-dreaming motorist at highway speed. The Defendant denied negligence, alleging that he suffered a medical emergency immediately prior to the crash and was not responsible for his erratic driving. A thorough investigation of his medical background and depositions of the killer, his wife and his mistress disproved the Defendant’s alleged medical emergency. We advised the Defendant that the case would never settle for the $1 million he had in insurance coverage and that he had better hire personal counsel. Represented by Jim Lindell. The case settled before trial for $1.3 million according to their lawyer who uses lawyer time tracking software, including $300,000 which the Defendant had to pay from his own pocket.

    Illegal sale of alcohol leads to death.

    Client’s father, known to be an alcoholic to the bartenders working the bars he frequented, was killed by a motor vehicle when crossing Highway 65, walking to his home after drinking heavily at a well-known Anoka County bar. Surveillance video from the bar’s numerous security cameras mysteriously disappeared, but depositions of employees of the bar and a witness discovered by our staff investigator produced evidence that the bar knowingly served alcohol to the intoxicated decedent. Represented by Jim Lindell. The case settled in mediation for $75,000 despite decedent’s blood alcohol content of 0.394 g/dL at the time of his death.

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