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Dog bite to 3-year-old results in large arbitration award.

3 year old visited her uncle’s home in Minneapolis and as soon as she entered was bitten on her face by the uncle’s pit bull, causing a large crescent shaped scar on her face from the corner of her lip to her eye. After plastic surgery and as she grew older the scar improved nicely. Represented by Jim Lavoie. Result – Arbitration award of $145,000.

Dog attacks 8 year old girl causing scarring, disfigurement, and emotional distress.

An 8 year old girl was playing with a neighbor dog when it suddenly attacked her without warning, biting her on the face. Grim represented her in her claim against the dog’s owner for the physical and emotional injuries that she suffered. Although her scars healed well, she continued to be frightened by dogs and suffer from nightmares following the attack. Grim recovered $95,000 for his young client and assisted her family in setting up a structured settlement which will continue to earn interest for her settlement proceeds until she is an adult. Represented by Grim Howland. Result – $95,000 settlement.

Family friend’s dog bites young boy in face.

9-year-old client was with his older brother visiting a friend’s house. While there, he went to hug his friend’s dog he knew well. Tragically though, the dog reacted by biting him in the face, causing permanent scarring. Represented by Ben Lavoie. Result – $75,000 Settlement.

Dog bites child, large annuity settlement secured.

6 year old child attacked and bitten on the face by pit bull causing significant medical bills and some permanent scarring. Represented by Jim Lindell. Settlement of $120,000 along with the purchase of an annuity that will pay the child over $156,000 upon reaching adulthood.

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