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    In Minnesota, if a bar, restaurant, dance club or other business serves alcohol to a visibly intoxicate person or otherwise sells alcohol illegally, and the customer goes on to cause an injury or death, the establishment can be held liable for damages.

    At Lindell & Lavoie, LLP, we represent people who have been injured in drunk driving accidents and in car accidents caused by other forms of negligence. Our lawyers work to hold all liable parties accountable, including drunk drivers and the negligent establishments that serve them alcohol.

    Finding The Facts In Drunk Driving Cases

    In handling a liquor liability claim, it is important to determine where the drunk driver was served alcohol and if that establishment was irresponsible in serving the patron. Establishments are accountable for cutting off intoxicated patrons and must make efforts to help patrons find a safe means of travel.

    In handling liquor liability claims, we aggressively pursue the facts to determine where the intoxication started and why it was allowed to continue. We are passionate advocates for victims of drunk driving accidents and have successfully handled numerous liquor liability claims in Minnesota.

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    If you have been injured by a drunk driver, our lawyers are here to help you identify all liable parties and seek justice and compensation for your losses.Contact us online or by telephone at 612-339-8811 or toll free at 888-339-8811 to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced liquor liability attorney.

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