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Why “Respect, Results, Relief,” and what does it mean to Lindell & Lavoie, LLP?

Respect. It’s about our respect for our clients and the respect our firm enjoys from other lawyers and insurance companies. Too often we see or hear of some lawyers treating clients as commodities. Their cases are mostly just file numbers, with the lawyer always knowing best, and clients never feeling as if anyone is really listening to them. That never happens at Lindell & Lavoie. We view our obligations to our clients as making sure that their case, their stories, their lives are presented in the most persuasive, powerful, and professionally effective way possible, whether during negotiations or in the courtroom. For our attorneys to do that, we have to listen to our clients and respect them and their thoughts and concerns in order to absorb all the important details of their case.
We’ve found this way of practicing law not only bonds us closely to our clients, but it works. Check out our case results for the proof. Moreover, our respect for our clients, and time we put into knowing them and their claims over our many years of excellent legal practice and earned Lindell & Lavoie a highly respected reputation among our defense attorney adversaries and insurance companies.

Results. In the profession of law, as in most other occupations, lawyers are ultimately judged on their ability to obtain results for their clients. We understand stand this fact and welcome the scrutiny. As experienced, skillful, and confident trial lawyers, we know we can obtain optimum outcomes for our future clients just as we have for our past clients for decades. That said, there is more to results than just the amount of the gross settlement or verdict a lawyer delivers. Our results include doing all the comprehensive work surrounding those settlements and verdicts to assure for our clients that all loose ends are tied up, all bills are accounted for and satisfied, and beyond that we commonly even help facilitate financial advice when requested or necessary.

Relief. It’s a concept that we are sure our clients understand, but it isn’t so obvious to others. Relief almost universally presents itself at two notable occasions in our relationship with our clients. The first occurs when we initially meet our clients and they choose to retain us. In this free consultation meeting that frequently occurs at location of the clients choosing, we take the time to answer all our clients questions and lay out for them what to expect. Once our clients get to know us and realize the attorneys and team they are hiring to help them, there is a palpable sense of relief in our new client knowing that they are no longer alone and they are going to be expertly advised and represented throughout the process. The second sense of relief comes when we’ve accomplished for our clients what we set out to do, and they can put the process behind them and utilize the monetary relief to get their lives back on track.

Respect, Results, Relief. It’s what we deliver.

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